Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Aku telah ditaged oleh PEAH
dOakan CINTA SEJATI buat [C][A][T] juga yer..........:pandaGeli_14:
tO PEAH : Thanks alot...Semoga tali persahabatn yg terbina makin erat.....Aminn
(PEAH lg kiUttttt)

Please follow this step :
Copy the picture above and post it at your blog.
Find 5 or more victim to be tagged.
(i prefer jus only for 3 victim)
After that, leave message at their blog that you've tagged them.
And the last step is, put your URL after my URL (

List of collected URL.

List of my victim to be tagged.

-Nyor lembut:mGelak:

:mLove:-YusRy(dOuble y)

The End~